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BlueJeans App Network

Enterprise integrations that accelerate meeting productivity and simplify IT management

Featured Apps

Workstream Collaboration

Launch BlueJeans Meetings directly from your favorite messaging and collaboration tools. 

Calendaring & Scheduling

Schedule BlueJeans Meetings with a single click from your preferred calendaring tool.

Business Productivity

Embed BlueJeans Meetings within your project management workflows to accelerate team productivity.

Enterprise XR

Experience the power of BlueJeans in augmented and virtual reality.

Meeting Intelligence

Employ advanced technology to automatically schedule, transcribe, and translate your meetings.

Content Collaboration

Improve content sharing during and after meetings with these innovative content management tools.

IT Management & Security

Leverage enterprise tools to protect and manage your BlueJeans environment.


Enable patients and physicians to easily connect for secure telehealth visits.

Sales & Marketing

Drive awareness, build pipeline, and improve lead qualification with these integrations.

Education & Learning Management

Enhance the virtual classroom experience by leveraging BlueJeans alongside the world’s premier Learning Management Systems.