The great transition to hybrid work is now well underway. And at BlueJeans, one of the most remarkable changes we’ve seen is how small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) have embraced the new world of work. 

SMBs have emerged as some of the earliest adopters of the hybrid model, with research showing that many want to continue in their current setup. But how are they using collaborative technology in this work environment? 

We ran a TechValidate survey of our SMB customers to find out. In particular, we wanted to know their experiences with online meetings and video conferencing. How has it helped them transition to hybrid ways of working? And what are they looking for in a collaborative platform?

Security and User Experience Are Key Considerations

Our findings show that SMBs across multiple countries care greatly about security, reliability, and consistency of meeting experiences. Many prefer having a variety of collaboration and productivity features to enhance the functionality of their video conferencing platform.

Like our survey in 2020, BlueJeans’ robust security is a top choice for many businesses we surveyed this year. About 97 percent believe BlueJeans Meetings provides enterprise-grade security regardless of location, connection, or device — providing peace of mind in their transition to hybrid work. In fact, more than a quarter switched to BlueJeans exactly for this reason. And the overwhelming majority (97 percent) agrees that BlueJeans is superior in security compared to other providers. 

97% of IT Organizations say BlueJeans is secure

“It performs solidly,” says Brent Peterson, Co-Founder of consultancy Career Authority. “It’s easy to record and share recordings — and it’s secure.”

Ease of Use Matters

For 50 percent of surveyed SMBs, ease of use was the major driver behind adopting BlueJeans Meetings. Further, 89 percent said that BlueJeans is superior to other providers when it comes user-friendliness. It is “extremely intuitive and user-friendly,” according to Elisabeth Wightman, Founder of the wellness space Live By Our Codes.

“BlueJeans was reliable and easy to use when the whole world suddenly needed to go virtual,” says M. Carroll, a business professional at real estate company Big Sky. “It made our switch so much easier and less stressful.”

A large share of our respondents (89 percent) also believe BlueJeans provides excellent support compared to other platform providers. 

Exceptional Mobile Experience Counts

SMBs love how BlueJeans lets them collaborate on the go — in real time. More than 90 percent of those we surveyed consider BlueJeans’ mobile experience first-rate. Regardless of whether they’re using mobile or computer, SMBs get the same experience across all functions.

Likewise, nine out of 10 respondents find BlueJeans’ meeting management controls exceptional. For Teal Neighbors, an Office Manager at consulting firm Focusing Forward, “BlueJeans works hard to stay updated and ahead of the game when it comes to features, quality, and accessibility.” 

Indeed, BlueJeans regularly delivers updates and enhancements to meet businesses’ changing needs and to further enable collaboration. Recently, for example, we rolled out new BlueJeans Meetings features for iPadOS, iOS, and Android to support greater flexibility and productivity at work and to make mobile video conferencing more inclusive. 

And we will continue to make sure our platform works well for everyone.

“[It’s the] best meeting platform that I have used,” says Andria Steenkamp, Procurement Manager at real estate firm Agents On The Move.

Empower your employees with meetings that are simple, smart, and secure. Learn how. And, try out BlueJeans for free today!