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BlueJeans Livestream for Facebook

Share and stream, influence followers, and align Workplace teams with live streaming through BlueJeans Meetings and Events

Showcase your brand and bring internal teams closer together with BlueJeans live streaming for Facebook. This strategic partnership combines Facebook’s power to reach global followers and improve workstream collaboration with BlueJeans video meetings and events. Extract more value from Workplace by Facebook and Facebook Live with an integrated video solution for any audience.

Live Streaming Meetings for Facebook Workplace

Workplace by Facebook

Broadcasting and live streaming meetings

Broadcast and live stream team meetings, presentations, trainings, and all-hands events from a full range of video endpoints to your company news feed or directly to project or team groups. All it takes is one click from the BlueJeans app, and hosts quickly connect with their audience.

From text chat to video chat

Launch multi-party video meetings directly from Workplace Chat with a simple command. Jump quickly and easily into a BlueJeans meeting and speak face-to-face with the people you were chatting with moments before. Learn how to implement video chat with Workplace.

Livestream with Facebook Live

Facebook Live

Amplify your brand

Enable multiple presenters to interact and share content from multiple locations over video directly to your Facebook followers for a highly engaging streaming experience. Boost interactivity with up to 100 simultaneous video streams. Extend your reach and maximize brand recognition across all followers in your community.

Newsfeed and community live stream

Your Facebook friends and followers get a front-row seat for your next big announcement or company event. BlueJeans Meetings and Events easily integrate with your Facebook account to broadcast your brand and message to as many as one million viewers across the world. 

Workplace by Facebook & Facebook Live

Additional Integrated Features and Tools

icon-presentation playback.svg

Presentation Playback

Create on-demand content from within your Facebook video library and continue generating interest after the live event has taken place. Allow or disable commenting on any live or previously recorded video. Archived meetings and events are searchable from within your company page.

Device Agnostic

Device Agnostic

Broadcast using your webcam, mobile device, video conferencing room system, or professional A/V equipment for the highest quality video and audio. Live stream video to Facebook from the device that matches your event experience.

Participate Icon

Real-Time Engagement

BlueJeans Meetings and Events for Workplace by Facebook and Facebook Live allows viewers to naturally interact as they do with all other videos. Audiences and colleagues can like, comment, and share content through communication features they use every day.

Get a free trial of BlueJeans Events to integrate with Facebook Live

Start streaming and sharing live streams for your Facebook audience and Workplace teams -- Facebook account required.