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BlueJeans Mobile Video Conferencing App

A powerful, fully-featured meeting solution on iOS and Android for workers on-the-go.


Experience the magic of BlueJeans anywhere

Whether you’re a remote team member, front-line worker, or daily commuter, the BlueJeans mobile meeting experience helps users in any situation. The BlueJeans mobile video conferencing app lets anyone attend and host an interactive conference call or engage in a town hall from an iPhone, iPad, or Android mobile device.

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Crystal-Clear Audio

BlueJeans Mobile features Dolby Voice to deliver an exceptionally clear audio experience by amplifying the speaker’s voice and suppressing any unnecessary background noise.

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Intelligent Bandwidth Management

When users are traveling through low bandwidth areas, BlueJeans Mobile automatically detects spotty network connections and recommends optimal user actions to mitigate meeting disruptions.

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Dynamic Screen-Sharing

Just because first-line workers are in the field, they shouldn’t be required to lug around a laptop just to share pictures or a presentation. BlueJeans Mobile includes screen-sharing, so field workers can easily present on-the-go.


Safe Driving Mode

While video conferences offer the best opportunity to collaborate, the conditions may not always be safe. BlueJeans Mobile is releasing Transit Mode to minimize distractions while meeting participants are on the road and keep everyone’s eyes where they should be.

BlueJeans Smart User Controls

Mobile Room Controller

BlueJeans Mobile gives in-room meeting attendees the ability to leverage their phone as an in-room controller to start meetings, as well as the ability to share your entire calendar with the room system to transform it into your personal room.


Town Hall and Webinar Support

Beyond meetings, BlueJeans Mobile enables presenters and attendees to join large scale live streaming events. Presenters can share video and content, and attendees can engage in Q&A and polling functions directly from the app — especially useful in auditorium settings.


Flexible Join Options

BlueJeans Mobile seamlessly connects with your Microsoft and Google calendars to deliver an intuitive, one-touch, join meeting experience. The app also provides a Meet Now feature to quickly jump into your personal meeting room for any ad hoc meetings.

Mobile Meeting Scheduling Icon

On-the-Fly Scheduler

Whenever you need to schedule a BlueJeans Meeting on-the-go, you can take advantage of BlueJeans Mobile’s native meeting scheduler, which allows hosts to easily distribute meeting invitations that automatically provide all the appropriate join information.

See the BlueJeans Mobile Experience

Watch this video to learn how BlueJeans Mobile for iOS and Android improves performance and reliability for workers on-the-go.

Customer Story

See how CottonOn is using BlueJeans Mobile to connect their retail stores with headquarters to foster more efficient global alignment.

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